Digital Media Disclaimer

microPOWER® nor its employees can be held responsible for the loss or damage of data or information that is located on media that can be electronically read, or manipulated by a computer system.

  • This includes the following but is not limited to: hard drives, electronic media, magnetic media, and flash drives.

Forfeiture of Ownership

Any products left over 60 days will be sold for the cost of repair. microPOWER® is not responsible for notifying the customer of this beyond the notification of the 60 forfeiture policy.


Trademarks & Copyrights

microPOWER® and all related media is the registered trademark of microPOWER® Computer Systems and cannot be re-used in any fashion without the express consent of the owning parties of the microPOWER® Computer Systems trademark.

All other companies listed on this website are not owned nor operated by microPOWER® computer systems and are covered by those individual trademarks and copyrights. microPOWER® does not claim any ownership of these various trademarks or copyrights.