microPOWER® Partners

Through partnerships with industry leaders, microPOWER® can provide the best service and solutions on the market. If you have questions related to one of our microPOWER® partners please contact a microPOWER sales team member or technician. The list of microPOWER® partners is constantly expanding so please check back often.


microPOWER® has chosen to work with Carbonite Online Back-Up services to provide the best off-site back up solutions for both the home and business.

Q: So what exactly is Carbonite Online Back-Up?

A: Carbonite is an online, off-site back-up, which backs up your files automatically, so you don't have to.  By having them off-site and encrypted you are provided with with one of the safest and most reliable forms of back-up available. 


Q: Is Carbonite capable of working with both Mac OSX and Windows operating systems? 

A: Yes, Carbonite offers a variety of plans to fit both the business and home user and as a result of this the software is compatible with both of the two major operating systems.  

Q: Are the microPOWER® technicians familiar with the Carbonite services?

A: Yes, all the microPOWER® service team members are trained and familiar with the use and implementation of Carbonite services at both the business and home atmosphere. 



microPOWER® cares about your family or business. CovenantEyes software is an internet accountability and filtering solution. In 2013 microPOWER® began partnering with CovenantEyes to provide a service that allowed parents to talk to their children about sites they visit, friends to talk to friends, and to be used between business associates.

So why choose CovenantEyes?  

CovenantEyes, tracks websites you visit on your computers, smart phones, and tablets, and sends them in an easy-to-read report to someone you trust. This makes it easy to talk about the temptations you face online.


If you are in the market for a hardware Firewall, our partners at SonicWALL® are the best in the business. microPOWER® suggests that every business have a solid firewall and SonicWALL® is our go-to choice. We trust so much in SonicWALL® that we use it ourselves in our own offices.


In those circumstances when the microPOWER® technicians are unable to recover data from a storage drive they suggest and work with Drivesavers Data Recovery services. We value you, and you value your data so we are more than happy to provide the information for our partnership with Drivesavers if the need arises.